Friday, December 16, 2011

Watch "Mobbed" dance segments here with members of SYTYCD

"Mobbed" is a Fox series that is co-directed and choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo. It features very emotional plots of people trying to dramatize major life events (marriage proposals, pregnancy announcements, reveal of birth parentage) via flash mobs, as well as exposition on how to use flash mobs to make the occasion even more fraught with emotion and drama. Many of you will want to skip past the tears and staged drama (not to mention the ads) to get straight to the dancing. You're in luck, we watch it all for you! The latest episode involved an 'accomplice' named Ion trying to make up to 'marks' (also his daughter and wife) for abandoning them with a flash mob apology. Really. The professional dancers include alums of America's Best Dance Crew: most members of Fanny Pak, plus members of Blueprint Cru, Femme 5, and Artistry in Motion. There are also alums from So You Think You Can Dance including Neil Haskell, Jason Glover and Lauren Gotlieb. So, if you want the full episode, click here. Here are the two full dance sequences.