Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SYTYCD9 | Zombie Style to Exorcist Style

Two dancers to come out of the Texas auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 are Hampton Williams and Stephen Stewart. Both have slightly... unsettling... styles, but that doesn't mean they aren't dope! Check out the respective self-proclaimed exorcist and zombie styles below. Any other auditions you want to see featured? What do you think of these two? Leave a comment!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SYTYCD9 Auditions | Mighty Mouse

While ABDC is getting closer to the end of its season, So You Think You Can Dance is just starting up theirs. This audition lets us know that there is a lot more talent out there to see. Mighty Mouse (as I know him - go Repstyles/Philadelphia!) auditioned at New York, and will be going to Vegas. (Speaking of New York, make sure you head over to World of Dance New York later today!) If anyone else knows of any other awesome auditions (perhaps ABDC alum, or perhaps a new face) from SYTYCD, leave a comment!