Friday, June 5, 2009

ABDC, So You Think You Can Dance - audition intersections (and math problem!)

This week, Marvelous Motion is planning to audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. Their audition crew includes Arielle Coker, who also reportedly auditioned this week for So You Think You Can Dance Season 6. Her audition partner (for SYTYCD Season 5) and boyfriend Phillip Chbeeb cannot audition with Marvelous Motion for ABDC, since he made it to the top 20 on SYTYCD Season 5. (Are you still following me?) So, my question is: if Marvelous Motion is picked for ABDC Season 4 and Arielle is picked to go to the Las Vegas auditions for SYTYCD Season 6 (as she was for Season 5), what happens? Please show your work; partial credit will be given.

Here's a recent Marvelous Motion performance, at The Streetz Dance Convention in Beaumont, TX, from TyRiley44's Youtube channel.

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