Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vote now to save your favorite SYTYCD performers!

The online voting is now open, for at least 2 hours after the show ends in the Pacific Time Zone. If you want to protect your favorite dancers, act now! Remember -- your votes determine who is safe from elimination. Click here to vote online at .  

If you want to text, send the dancer's name to 83676.

If you want to phone instead, the numbers are: 
Cole            1-855-GOHIM 01
Will             1-855-GOHIM 02  
Matthew     1-855-GOHIM04
Dareian        1-855-GOHIM 05
Brandon       1-855-GOHIM 06
Cyrus           1-855-GOHIM 07  
George         1-855-GOHIM 09
Chehon        1-855-GOHIM 10

Lindsay         1-855-GOHER 01
Amelia          1-855-GOHER02  
Amber          1-855-GOHER 03  
Audrey         1-855-GOHER 04  
Janelle          1-855-GOHER 05
Eliana           1-855-GOHER 07  
Tiffany          1-855-GOHER 09  
Witney         1-855-GOHER 10  
After you vote (or while you're obsessively voting), join us back at the Party Room!

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