Sunday, August 19, 2012

MercerMZ review (with lots of videos): So You Think You Can Dance Top 14

So, after having 2 weeks to rest and relax as the Olympics thrilled and excited viewers all over the world, the remaining dancers geared up to take on one the most interesting episodes from any season in the USA's version of the show. I say interesting because I have mixed feelings about tonight's episode; On one hand, I like to revisit old routines that I enjoy, but on the other hand, I've complained in the past about the British re-using routines from both the US and Australian version of the show. It's mostly because I'd rather see new, original pieces rather than playing the comparison game to a piece that may not be as good as the original. Still, with tonight's performance, comparisons will be inevitable, so as an added part to my usual reviews for each routine, I'll be making comparisons to the original performances, which you'll be able to view and compare as well. Why all the talk of comparisons? Because tonight's episode of SYTYCD was a tribute to the Emmy-Award winning contemporary choreographer Mia Michaels. Yes, sorry to those who may not be as interested in this style as, per se Ballroom, Broadway, Jazz and, of course, Hip Hop, but all of tonight's routines were in the exact same style: Contemporary. Each couple had to recreate one of Mia's memorable contemporary pieces from the last 8 seasons. So how did the couples compare to the original routines? How did this episode compare to the last few? And did America make the right choice in picking the Bottom 6 dancers? Let's find out. Click here to read the full review, with the videos of both this episode's dances and the originals to which they were compared. Here's one of my favorites, danced by Cole and Lindsay:

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