Friday, June 1, 2012

SYTYCD9 | LA Auditions

So You Think You Can Dance has rolled into LA, and there are a number of auditions I want to highlight for one reason or another. Also, check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family as a guest judge! I'm sure he got on for his mad dance skills right? Right? -Cole Horibe (brother of Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe) has a pretty unique style, martial arts based, but with a contemporary twist. Apparently he can bring a lot more to the table, that overachiever, so check him out. -Jontel "Johnny Waacks" Gibson werkz it with a funky take on waacking. Definitely a feel good performance. -Jonathan Anzalone comes back from Season 4 and Italy with a better attitude than before, and has some power heavy/cortortionist bboying for us, as well as with some audience participation -NIck N JAmes Aragon, aka the Ninja Twins, are dancers after my own heart, for obvious reasons. They do talk quite a bit near the beginning, but they do a nice contemporary type routine to MJ's Man in the Mirror, with just enough fierce in there. Unfortunately they can't go on, but hopefully they keep going. -Caley Carr is a tapper. To be honest, I didn't really see much of his routine the first go round, if only because I was entranced by his Step Boys style moustache.

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