Monday, September 10, 2012

Exclusive interviews after SYTYCD Top 6 show with choreographers Chris Scott, Tyce Diorio, Spencer Liff, Jean-Marc Genereux

Chris Trondsen spoke to So You Think You Can Dance Choreographers Chris Scott, Tyce Diorio, Spencer Liff, and Jean-Marc Genereux after the SYTYCD Top 6 show. They talk about their routines for the week and their impressions of the top 4. Click here to watch the talk with Spencer and Jean-Marc.  

Tyce Diorio also talks about his creative process and how he pushes himself to top his earlier SYTYCD work. Chris Scott also talks about the need to show a fuller range of "the worlds of hiphop dance" to the American viewing public, showcasing all-stars like Comfort and Twitch.

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