Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interviews at SYTYCD finale Part I: Lil C (on krumping & Tight Eyez), Christopher Scott and Sonia Tayeh

Chris Trondsen talked to dancers, all-stars and choreographers after the So You Think You Can Dance Finale. Here are two of the choreographer interviews: Lil C talks about not talking on the finale, why he thinks that the right people won the show, the impact of the changes in the show (going to once a week, celebrity judges) on this involvement with the show, his supposed battle with Tight Eyez and Street Kingdom, and how krumping is moving forward and evolving.,
Christopher Scott and Sonia Tayeh talk about their collaboration on a routine for the finale, their opinions of the others' strengths, and their views of the results and who won the show, and season. Scott also talks about his experience of dancing on the stage with tWitch, Comfort, and Cyrus

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