Friday, September 7, 2012

Exclusive interviews with SYTYCD Top 6: Cyrus, Chehon, Cole, Eliana, Tiffany, Witney

Chris Trondsen interviewed contestants, all-stars, judges, and choreographers backstage after the So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 show. Today, we'll share the interviews with the 6 dancers:
- In the interview with Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Eliana Girard,  Eliana talks about feeling relieved and grateful, Chehon talks about how he got confident enough to show emotion in his dance,  and their plans for the home stretch, and they both thank their fans and talk about their strict teachers. 

  - In the interview with Cyrus Spencer and Tiffany Maher,  Cyrus talks about the struggles and feeling of being overwhelmed to get to this point (being sockless, shoeless and next to very experienced dancers. Tiffany talks about this getting this far as a validation and the fact that she wasn't shown on TV before the top 20 show, and they both talk about the upcoming tour.

  - In the interview with Cole Horibe and Witney Carson, the dancers talk about their reactions to the eliminations, post-SYTYCD plans, how they feel about the final 4 and who they're rooting for, and what they want to do with their spare time now that they're not rehearsing.

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